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I am a freelance website designer located in Teesdale, UK. Please get in touch about having your new website made and maintained by a professional.

Our Services

What we offer from our studio in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, UK.

Website Design

A full bespoke website design service is offered including full packages for your organisation or business. Contact us today!


We can design or purchase superb graphics for your new website. Have all of your pictures and images included in your new website.


We can work with you to design your new website and branding for your entire website, social media and hard-copy company presence.

Awesome Support

Email support for your website. In an emergency just phone-up and have your website online and bug free very quickly indeed!

Responsive Websites

Our websites are now all responsive. This means that your new website will work well across most devices and screen sizes.

Website Maintenance

We offer a full website maintenance service.


I have a joint honours degree in Computing and Cartography from Oxford Brookes University, I also have diplomas in IT Support.


We always try to make the best websites for our clients; have a high page ranking and an excellent website very quickly.

What we can offer in websites...

Hello, my name is Jamie McBain and here are just some of the features that can be provided for your new website.

100% Responsive Layout

Your new website will work well at most screen sizes.

Pinegrow websites

All new websites made with the Pinegrow website development package.

Cross-Browser Support

Websites that work well across many browser types.


Have all of your own graphics and images incorporated.

Based on Bootstrap v4.1.0

Most websites made with the Bootstrap 4 framework.

What comes with this Template?
Contact Form

Professional email driven contact forms included.


Have your own video accessible from your website.

Functional and easy to use

We remember that websites must be well designed and work on mobile devices.


Have a 'hero' image slider in your new website.

Full Package

Everything you need to get online can be included.

Are You Ready To Have a New Website?

If you would like a free consultation then please get in touch today. You can do this with this button:

How Does It Work?

The stages in the life of your new website. Have a new website made by us in just a few days!

1 Discovery

We usually start with simple templates to design your new website. All the pages and information you wish to convey are then added to the site after careful consideration for user requirements,


using one of our frameworks enables us to quickly and accurately make your new website, this helps keep costs down and enables a very fast and error free development process, this production is recommended.

2 Planning
3 Execution

Have your new website maintained and hosted by ourselves, you can then have a full package of everything you need to get online. By special arrangement, for the technically minded, we can provide software to allow you to update your own website.

Our New Websites

Your website will work well across many new platforms and browsers.

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Teesdale Based

We are located in the heart of Teesdale in Barnard Castle, County Durham, in the United Kingdom.

Would you like a free consultation?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your new website.

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Some recent reviews of The Pennine Website Design Service.

We are a digital startup company

I have been making websites for charities for many years and would now like to provide them as a freelance.

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Some of the recent projects that we have been invloved in designing and developing for organisations.

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Our Pricing

Thes prices are examples of our pricing only.



Responsive Display

User Friendly

Free 1 Domain

Deeply Customisable

Smooth And Fluent

Outstanding Support

Best Seller



Responsive Display

User Friendly

Free 1 Domain

Deeply Customisable

Smooth And Fluent

Outstanding Support



Responsive Display

User Friendly

Free 1 Domain

Deeply Customisable

Smooth And Fluent

Outstanding Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Information you may require about your new website.

What is Responsive?

A responsive website will be viewable on a range of devices from a smart-phone up to a tablet, laptop and desktop sized screen.

How Long Does it Take?

We can have your new website up and running within a matter of days depending upon it's size and how many pages it covers.

How Much Are Websites?

Websites costs vary depending upon the project. The more pages and information you have the more expensive the website.

How to Contact Us?

In the first instance send us an email. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

What Else Can You Do?

We can also help with social media setups, creating stationary and maintaining excellent websites.

I Have An Old Website?

Your existing website can be updated and looking good within a matter of days. Contact us for full information.

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